A New Smith & Minton: Roland Wins an Award!

by taylor on April 29, 2014

Roland Award

Look out everyone, there’s a new “Smith & Minton” around, and it has nothing to do with calculus!  Well, perhaps it has something to do with calculus; this past weekend at the spring meeting of the Maryland, DC, and Virginia Section of the Mathematical Association of America, Roland was presented the John M. Smith Teaching Award.

This award is given annually by our section to honor teachers that not only are extraordinarily successful in their own teaching, but also have great influence in their teaching beyond their own institution and foster curiosity and generate excitement about mathematics in students.  Roland clearly fits this description and more!  I was very happy to see Roland sail through the first round of nominations, and even happier when I learned that he would be this year’s recipient!

Roland doesn’t “putter” around when it comes to teaching and mathematics, and for my friend, colleague, and mentor, who “serves” up a “home run” everyday for Roanoke College (and mathematics and mathematics education in general), the award is more than deserving; congratulations to Roland!

As the most recent winner from our section, Roland will be a candidate for the national Deborah and Franklin Tepper Haimo Award offered for distinguished college or university teaching offered by the Mathematical Association of America.