Getting to Know: Adam Childers

by minton on August 30, 2019

Mathematics major and Honors student Olivia Long wondered about the profession of mathematics professor at a small college like Roanoke. She asked us several questions about the present and the future of our job. Here are the edited results, so that you can get to know us and our job.

Adam Childers can often be found with multiple computers open, pursuing the dream of a web visualization that perfectly conveys the significant conclusion to be drawn from some complex data set. The other picture that could capture his personality would be an action shot on the tennis court or bike trail or outdoors chasing his two boys.

He works with data collection and applications for students to deliver stat crew data. He also works in his classrooms to create and use data collection platforms to help students visualize the statistical process. Both of these methods are used at Roanoke College to enhance the learning experience.

Through his time teaching, he has learned to block out larger amounts of time so that he can accomplish more of his goals. In 2050, he imagines liberal arts colleges as more of a hybrid between online and classroom learning. He does not have a favorite music genre, instead he enjoys listening to various styles.