MCSP Students = Bakers?

by rahmoeller on March 15, 2017

How are Math and Baking related? Well, Tuesday, March 14, 2017 was Pi Day, a day entirely devoted to Pi = π ≈ 3.14. And, as mathematicians can also be quite “punny”, we relate “pi” to “pie”. I mean, typically they are both related to circles. Anyway, to celebrate Pi Day, the Roanoke College Math Club has hosted a “Pi” Baking Event for the past 3 years now. Students and faculty come together to bake pies, which we donate to the Salem Food Pantry.

So, on Monday, March 13, eleven students and one faculty member completely took over the Roanoke College Bakery. Of course, the bake shop coordinator Lavelle Glenn was there to first and foremost make sure we didn’t get into trouble, but also help us find what we needed and be in charge of the terrifyingly large ovens. Last year, I forgot to bring the eggs – but Lavelle came to the rescue! Only a baker would have 3 1/2 dozen eggs on hand.

The students peeled 6 bags of apples, measured ingredients, fought with the can openers, mixed ferociously, and created fun designs for the top crusts of the apple pies. Altogether, they prepared 30 pumpkin pies and 20 apple pies.

After preparing all the pies, we had to wait for the pies to bake and cool so that we could package them up nicely in boxes. Did we sit around twiddling our thumbs?? Did we take a nap?? Of course not!! We decorated pie boxes!!

Jan Minton started the tradition of “Pi” Baking Day 3 years ago – now we just need to find an excuse to take over the bakery in the Fall semester. Let me know if you have any ideas!!

I’d like to thank Jan Minton, Lavelle Glenn, Kroger, and the MCSP department for their help, time, and donations. I’d also like to thank the eleven students who gave up an evening to help with the event!

I can’t wait until next year!

Next Pi Day event this week is Thursday, March 16 at 12:15PM in the back quad – come see two MCSP professors get pied in the face!