MCSP Summer research students report on neural network simulation and robotic mapping

by robb on March 5, 2014


On February 27, MCSP students Maya Shende, Thomas Lux and Randall Pittman described the results of the research they carried out last summer and last fall to an interested and enthusiastic crowd in Massengill Auditorium. First, Ms. Shende described her work with Physics professor Dan Robb on simulating the neural network underlying the breathing rhythm, and trying to understand how the connections between neurons affect the regular rhythm generation in the network.


Afterwards,  Messrs. Lux and Pittman explained their joint work with Computer Science professor Durell Bouchard on developing algorithms for robotic mapping and exploration of unkown spaces, including an in-depth comparison of three types of sensors that can be used by a robot to gather information. The students had previously presented this work at the 2013 CCSC conference at Furman University in November, earning first and second prizes for their presentations, so it was a real treat for the RC crowd to hear about their work!