Physics students write welcoming cards

by robb on April 16, 2016

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April is probably the busiest month for both physics students and their professors.  On top of the culmination of classes, we are also in the midst of planning our honor society banquet and hiring a new visiting professor.  So, when the admissions department asked us to write personal letters to all accepted and deposited students, I was a bit (more) overwhelmed.  “How can I ask these (very awesome) students, who are struggling with their (very difficult) coursework, to sacrifice their time to complete the 60 or so cards in a week’s time?”

Did I mention that our majors are AWESOME?  As soon as announced the desire for the cards to be completed, current physics majors were mobilized to express the good things they’ve experienced within our program and our department.  Students were compelled to complete one, two, and ten cards (all hand-written, decorated, personalized).  Completing the cards was a source of community between majors of various years; it was an expression of creativity and relaxation; it was a source of encouragement to me to see the love that students had for these folks they’d never met.

Of course we have no idea what effect these cards will have on these current high school seniors.  Today, that is not the point.  The cards served as a focal point of community and a display of the quality of character of our physics majors.  That is the point.  Did I mention that our majors are AWESOME?