R Beginning

by minton on August 28, 2018

The dawning of a new school year! One of the great things we do at Roanoke College is build a Habitat house. This year is the 13th time that entering students have strapped on tool belts and hammered out a new home for a Roanoke neighbor. While it was only the Habitat folks who were working by moonlight, by 9:00 a full group of students was busy!

My favorite image from our Habitat builds is of Honors students working on the roof a few years back when the house was built behind Macado’s. After a brief rain shower, the house and students were framed by a double rainbow.

My wife Jan and I were fortunate enough to present this image to President Jimmy Carter, a long-time supporter of the Habitat cause. President Carter’s involvement with Habitat gives us an outstanding example of servant leadership, improving life in small ways in one corner of the world. This is what we strive for each semester at Roanoke. Let’s get to work!