RC Sophomore Liam Lambert receives Goldwater Scholarship Honorable Mention

by robb on May 3, 2017

Roanoke College sophomore and physics and mathematics double major, Liam Lambert, has received an Honorable mention in the prestigious Goldwater scholarship competition. He has worked on research on iron oxide nanoparticles with Dr. Rama Bala for the past year and a half. He has shown important results on the transformation and growth of these nanoparticles, which serve as excellent catalysts for the growth of carbon nanotubes.

Here are few words of reflection that Liam likes to share about his research experience, applying for Goldwater scholarship and his future interests.

“The last couple of semesters in research have been a huge growth process in myself, which has culminated in my being awarded an honorable mention for the Barry S. Goldwater scholarship. I did not initially plan on applying for the scholarship because I was not sure of wanted I wanted to do as a career after college and this scholarship is heavy on future intent to do research. I was encouraged to apply anyway and through the process of reflecting on my past research and some of the possibilities for my future I began to see the joy that I could get out of being a researcher.

The application was long and time intensive, but this just gave me more time to reflect and ask questions about myself. I feel as though this scholarship has both encouraged me in my current research project on the characterization of nanoparticle transformations and pushed me to ask more questions which could potentially turn into other research projects. Although I did not receive the full award of the scholarship I am ready to pursue it for next year”.

Congratulations Liam! Please also see the College’s story on Liam’s Goldwater application at the link