S is for Soccer

by minton on October 20, 2015


The Physics Group came out in force to support its soccer players on Saturday, 10/10. The stars aligned for a day at Kerr Stadium, as both women’s and men’s teams had home games. Two of the starters on each team are Physics majors, with forward Linnea Kremer and defender Dio Beck joining goalkeepers Sarah Dvorak and Cole Sinclair. Several other Physics majors and Physics professors had a “tailgate” (inside because of the rainy weather) before each game and came to the games equipped with Big Heads. Above, Dr. Robb and Becky Muolo channel their inner Dvorak and Tyler Strouth and Hannah Lyle get behind Linnea.

In the press box, the announcers doing the game noted the support. After Sarah made a save, one of the announcers noted that “the Sarah Dvorak fan club is out in force today.” I was in the press box with Math and Physics major Joey Miller doing stats for the athletic department. The Stat Crew will get its own write-up soon, but for now let’s note that the stats and the physics tailgate were the day after the Research Showcase covered in a previous post. We stay busy in MCSP!