Singing Our Praises

by minton on August 13, 2014


One way to sing the praises of our MCSP students is to note that many of them sing in the Roanoke College Choir, the Oriana Singers, and a cappella groups such as Looking for an Echo. The Choir has a remarkable record of performances abroad and professional recordings, and has just been named a Finalist in the American Prize in Choral Performance competition. The Roanoke College Choir is one of only eleven college and university choral groups to be named as Finalists!

The benefits of having an outstanding choir are numerous (and, by the way, if you think that music has nothing to do with MCSP check out Dr. Grant’s physics of music Conversation Series talk or the discussion of music synthesizers in our calculus book). The sense of community and accomplishment in creating beautiful music, the challenge of working with complex musical patterns, and the fun of hanging out with a group of special people are all available in generous amounts in choir. Plus, you never know what Dr. Sandborg will say next!

There are many ways to get involved in campus life at Roanoke. It is noteworthy that our Choir is nationally renowned! Many of our best students are devoted members. You could have a chicken-and-egg discussion about whether great music helps create great people or whether great people create great music. Either way, being part of an outstanding choir full of outstanding people seems like a good gig!