A Piece of Pi

by minton on March 13, 2015

2015 01

In preparation for The Pi Day of the Century, President Maxey installed the coconut cream pie of the day on Dr. Chris Lee’s face today right after lunch. Since the number π is 3.14—, March 14 is officially Pi Day, and has become a popular day to celebrate our inner geek. This year’s Pi Day is especially good because the next two digits of π give 3.1415— or 3/14/15, and if you can’t stop the next three digits of π give 3.1415926— so brunch at Mac and Bob’s on 3/14/15 at 9:26 is the ultimate. (Sorry, I do not intend to add the 53 or any other digits. My pi-ness is defiantly finite.)

The Math Club organized several events for this year’s Pi Day. Dr. Lee “won” the right to be pied by having the most money donated in his name. Jars with names of the second floor math faculty were open for donations. The will of the people was clear, with Lee bringing in twice the money of the second place finisher, Dr. Taylor. The money goes to the West End Center. Students have been busy yesterday and today with the Pi-Athlon, a series of math events to earn points with the team getting closest to 100π points being the winner. After brunch on Saturday is a pie-baking event, with numerous pies (we’re hoping for 314 servings) to be baked and donated to a local food organization.

For now, the pi-nnacle has been the President’s pie-ing of Professor Lee. Apparently, there were no hard feelings (but there are rumors that Dr. Lee was seen writing President Maxey’s name on a jar for next year).

2015 02