A Successful PiLot Program

by minton on March 15, 2015

Pie03 Pie05

Pi Day (March 14) meant pie day for a group of Roanoke College students. Under the supervision of Lavelle Glenn, RC’s Bake Shop Coordinator, and math professor Jan Minton, the students produced 31 apple pies (that’s 10π pies) and delivered them to the Samaritan Inn and the Rescue Mission to give the folks there a special Pi Day treat.

Pie02  Pie01

Pie04  Pie06

Wash the apples, peel them, measure out the spices, stir it all together, seal it with pie crust, mark it with the Greek letter of the day, and repeat. Thanks to a great group of bakers: Taylor Ferebee, Becky Muolo, Emily Grice, Samantha Snead, Terry Ramirez, Dannielle Allen, Caroline Peterson, Morgan Elston, Sam Parsons, and Eryka Darrow.

Pie07 Pie08