Childers Victorious in Atlanta

by minton on January 12, 2017

Roanoke College had a strong presence at the Joint Mathematics Meetings in Atlanta, with Adam Childers winning an award, four faculty and one student presenting talks, and two other faculty attending. The national meeting, held January 4-7, 2017, is the largest gathering of mathematicians in a year, with over 6000 attendees.

David Moreau, a sophomore physics major, presented “A Student Stat Crew at Roanoke College.” Faculty talks included Dave Taylor and Hannah Robbins on “Curing the High DFW Rate in First Year Calculus”; Adam Childers on “Thinking Outside the Box-Score in Lacrosse”; and Roland Minton on “Skill and Randomness on the PGA Tour.” Maggie Rahmoeller organized a session on diversity for Project NeXt, which is a network for young faculty.

Adam Childers received an award for his talk at the 2016 meeting in Seattle. His presentation “Facebook Consulting: A Semester-Long Project for Introductory Statistics” was voted the Outstanding Contributed Paper in Statistics Education in 2016. Congratulations, Adam!

The RC math group returns from the meeting with several new ideas for teaching and research, and an enhanced reputation for quality pedagogical and research presentations. We enjoyed great food in Atlanta, an unexpected winter storm, and some great conversations.