Making an Outstanding Choice

by minton on January 30, 2019

Karin Saoub’s textbook A Tour Through Graph Theory was selected as an Outstanding Academic Title by Choice magazine for 2018. Choice is the trade magazine for academic libraries, and Outstanding Academic Titles are “must haves” for academic libraries. Congratulations to Karin!

Karin’s book now joins a select list, representing about ten percent of the 6000 titles reviewed by Choice editors each year (most books do not make it to the review stage). Criteria for selection include overall excellence in presentation and scholarship, importance relative to other literature in the field, distinction as a first treatment of a given subject, originality of treatment, and importance in building undergraduate library collections.

Karin’s editor Bob Ross writes, “This is a particularly impressive award, I believe, because the book did not target an established course market. You envisioned a text at a level where students could learn to appreciate graph theory and mathematics without the prerequisites required for the upper level course. This then confirms your creative approach and insight into what instructors and students might access to develop a greater interest in mathematics early in the curriculum. This is an impressive accomplishment in the textbook market, which tends to be very conservative in mathematics. It is recognition of an outstanding teaching idea and its successful execution.”