MCSP Physics majors attend SPS PhysCon meeting in San Francisco

by robb on April 4, 2017

This happened back in November 2016, but is so neat that it needs to be written about on the blog! MCSP Physics Majors Josh Carr, April Raab, Jacob Barfield, Taylor Ferebee, Hanna Lyle and Connor Sampson (left to right in the picture above) attended PhysCon 2016, a quadrennial meeting sponsored by the National Society for Physics Students,  in San Francisco.

The theme of the conference was “Unifying Fields: Science Driving Innovation”, and our majors got to hear talks by such physics luminaries as Eric Cornell, Persis Drell, S. James Gates, and Neil Turok. The picture below shows Jacob meeting Eric Cornell after his talk. In addition, each of our majors presented their research at a poster session, and had a great time exploring San Francisco, including a trip to the SLAC linear accelerator. As seen in the picture above, Hannah and Josh clearly enjoyed their trip to the accelerator. All in all, it was a great opportunity to learn some new science, present their research findings, and explore a new city!