On Beyond RC

by minton on December 7, 2018

What happens when you graduate from Roanoke College? You might be surprised what there is to be found once you go beyond RC and start poking around. Five recent MCSP grads shared their graduate school journeys on Friday, November 9.

Taylor Ferebee, David Matheny, Thomas Lux, Damian Ream, and Anderson Lidz have a wide range of backgrounds and experiences, giving the audience good advice from several perspectives. Underlying themes were: (1) MCSP prepares you well for graduate school, (2) do your homework: find out about the professors and the work they do, and (3) be clear about what type of graduate program you want to enter: direct to Ph.D., Master’s with option for Ph.D., or specialized Master’s.

Each type of program was represented: Anderson did a 10-month Data Science degree that led directly to a job, Taylor is in a Master’s program that will lead to a Ph.D. program, and Thomas went straight into a Ph.D. program. David is following yet another path, having gone into a job that will pay for his graduate education.

In some ways the application process is much like applying to undergraduate schools. There’s a test to take (the GRE) and forms to fill out and essays to write. However, the stakes are higher and there are important differences. Opening conversations with recent graduates and professors is  a great way to get ideas about the places that you would like to go.