Physics ladies head to Maryland for MACUWiP

by robb on February 11, 2014

Roanoke Attendees

Lizzi Ciskowski, Amanda Wright and Sarah Dvorak (L to R in the above picture) carpooled to the MACUWiP (Mid Atlantic Conference for Undergraduate Women in Physics) at the University of Maryland from January 17-19! The conference program included many interesting opportunities for our intrepid trio of female physics majors: a tour of NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) from Nobel Prize-winning physicist Bill Phillips, as well as presentations from BP’s Chief Scientific Officer Ellen Williams, APS Executive Officer Kate Kirby, and Yale University astronomer Debra Fisher. According to Amanda, “I presented my summer research project and won the Twitter picture contest of the day. We learned about careers in physics after college and information about getting into grad school. The majority of the weekend was filled with networking, listening to guest speakers and their stories on what it is like to have a life in physics”. We’re excited that Lizzi, Amanda and Sarah benefitted so much from the conference, and hope that there will be another contingent of Roanoke ladies attending this conference next year!