Physics students Cam Cassady and Chris Valentine do summer research at Oak Ridge National Lab

by robb on August 23, 2014

ornlSummerResearch2014 (1)

For senior physics students Cam Cassady (middle right) and Chris Valentine (far right), the summer was spent engaged in research at Oak Ridge National Laboratory near Knoxville, Tennessee.  Their research projects were a result of the Visiting Faculty Program funded by the US Department of Energy.  Under the direction of ORNL research scientist Matthew Blackston (middle left) and RC faculty mentor Matthew Fleenor (far left), their summer research focused on coded-aperture imaging.  Coded-aperture imaging is an indirect technique used in astronomy, medicine, and nuclear security to observe materials that emit high-energy particles.


Cam and Chris presented their research at the ORNL campus-wide student poster session, attended by over 1000 students and scientists.