Simulating stormwater outflow and playing soccer

by robb on December 13, 2015


One of the highlights for any science undergraduate is completing a research project.  Whether or not it is on/off-campus, whether or not it is un/paid, whether or not it is for credit, there is much to be gained through the process of creating new knowledge.  The painful process of submitting the mind to the focus required in research is extremely rewarding.  Just ask Senior physics major Dio Beck, who spent ten weeks this summer at Coastal Carolina University (SC) as a visiting William Carroll Scholar.  Dio worked with a Roanoke College physics alumna, Erin Hackett (’00), who is now an Assistant Professor at the School of Coastal and Marine Systems Science.

Dio capped off a successful summer research experience by giving a presentation of his findings at a recent Conversations Series event, which is hosted by the Math, Computer Science, and Physics Department.  He discussed the theoretical modeling of stormwater outflow physics, the calibration and testing of salinity sensors, and the lessons learned from applying physics to the real-world.  When asked about what he learned this past summer, Dio succinctly responded, “A lot.”


In Dio’s spare time, he started for the Roanoke College soccer team and earned first-team All-ODAC honors, which reinforces our Physics Group mantra that physics mixes successfully with lots of other interests and activities.  Dio is one of three all-ODAC soccer players who are also aspiring physicists (Seniors Sarah Dvorak and Cole Sinclair were both starting goalies for the Maroons).  We’re so proud of our versatile physics majors!