Stat Crew Goes Live

by minton on January 19, 2017

Everybody is getting interested in the Stat Crew! The Crew has been working home basketball games, recording locations of all shots and rebounds and creating reports that evaluate the performance of each player and each five-person lineup. Shown here are Crew members Maria Kuchenbuch, Cameron Eck, and David Moreau, with a guest analyst.

At Wednesday night’s game between the Roanoke women and Randolph, the Crew’s halftime stats were displayed. The screen shows the location of all Roanoke shots in the first half, and overall shooting stats for each player. A filled-in circle represents a made shot, and a clear circle represents a missed shot.

These shot charts can be tracked live at the Stat Crew website at Click on Basketball Analytics, and make choices from the pull-down menus for Roanoke or opponent, Men or Women, the Date of the game and whether you want the entire team or a specific player. When a game is in progress, refresh the page to get updated shot charts and stats.

To join Stat Crew, contact faculty sponsor Dr. Childers ( or Dr. Minton (