Suited to Tea

by minton on November 6, 2015


What is the social atmosphere in the MCSP department like? It is epitomized by the weekly afternoon tea in Trexler 271. Before you drag out any tired old mental clichés about socially awkward or intellectually snooty people, know that the finger most commonly raised at afternoon tea is not the pinkie. (The index finger is the answer, just in case you’re confused.) While we do drink tea (iced and hot) and munch on cookies, the dominant feature of the afternoon is fun. Card games, dice games, informal discussions of campus issues or favorite movies, and so on: this is a chance for students and faculty to mingle on equal terms. It works, and it’s fun! In a department that is known for energetic and nice people, afternoon tea is an unscripted gathering of Trexlerites who are, well, energetic and nice. Join us any Thursday afternoon between 2:15 and 3:15 (ish). See you there!