Talk Physics to Me !

by Bala on April 21, 2020

Sigma Pi Sigma celebrations. 

These unusual times call for unsual ways to do things. One this is certain; fun and physics dont change, even in these uncertain times. This year, the physics group found a way to carry on the tradition of celebrating our students’ induction to the Sigma Pi Sigma honor society. It retained  all elements of an oncampus event such as welcome address (by Dr. Dan Robb, and yes he wore a tie for the event!), initiation (by Dr. Rama Bala) , induction and charge (Mr. Duncan Maclean), Sigma Pi Sigma address (Dr. Matt Fleenor) and a toast (by Dr. Bala).  Instead of a served dinner, the inductees were served, a quirky and unusal ‘feast’ in the form of a physics themed slide show. 

Here is a link to the slide show posted on YouTube 


This year’s the Sigma-Pi-Sigma address was a motivational speech, titled ‘What’s in A P-H-Y-S-I-C-I-S-T?’. In his address, Dr. Fleenor talked about the qualities that characterizes a physicist. Here is a snap shot of his address. 

I am so proud of all our students, an excellent group of women and men. As they pursue their aspirations and dreams, we, the physics group faculty, are honored to teach and guide them to discover and reach for their own stars.

-Rama Bala


PS: Here is a link to the post on RC webpage on connecting with students during COVID.